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With over 35 years in the watch industry, Swiss Emporio is very proud of our achievement in bringing the height of fashion and quality of Swiss watches to you our customer.


Swiss watches are the international symbol of quality, craftsmanship and distinction. Swiss-made is synonymous with a level of manufacturing excellence that is a world standard. Furthermore Swiss-made gives you the peace of mind to know that the watch you have invested in is manufactured in a highly controlled and regulated environment. This ensures that you have ultimate confidence in the watch you are buying. Swiss-made really does mean quality and excellence. Understatement and style are principles supporting the ethos at SwissEmporio. Its watches are all classically inspired, but have a modern edge to the design language. They speak to its vision of timelessness and cachet, they speak to your desire for elegance and luxury. Classic and entrenched in quality, the Swiss Emporio brand believes that Swiss-made watches should be available to everybody without compromise. Drawing on the very soul of Swiss, its watches demonstrate tasteful, unfussy and universal appeal. Swiss-made has always been the standard by which all quality watches are measured. Swiss Emporio believes that functionality and style melt into a watch which will say everything about your desire to own a Swiss-made product. Assembled in a district of Switzerland synonymous with the finest watch movements since 1856, its designs have one desire: to allow you to share in the luxury and cachet of Swiss timepiece ownership.


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