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Giuseppe Picchiotti made his foray in the world of fine jewelry in 1967 when the Picchiotti atelier opened its doors in Valenza, Italy. Picchiotti’s sophisticated jewelry is entirely created at the company’s manufacturing atelier, which allows for unparalleled excellence in the execution. Picchiotti’s designs are traditionally inspired by classical lines and are characterized by the elegance  of their style. They are described as timeless heirlooms for the next generations.


For over 50 years Giuseppe Picchiotti has been creating the finest jewellery and today the family name is known throughout the world.  Every piece of PICCHIOTTI jewellery is created at their own workshops in Valenza, Italy.  With a keen eye for craftsmanship and material quality, the supervision of the Picchiotti family ensures a level of satisfaction which has become legendary. Traditional designs, inspired by classical lines and sensitivity towards the needs of their clients enable PICCHIOTTI to offer a product that appeals to the consumer, the connoisseur and the collector.


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