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Minster 1949

The Minster1949 watch brand has been producing fine British timepieces since 1949. Reborn with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, vintage inspired styling and a thoroughly British heritage, Minster1949 defines the new face of British made watches for the modern era.


Assembled in its workshops in Halifax, Minster1949 marks the rebirth of watch manufacture in Yorkshire. Its watches boast straps in collaboration with the best styles, an iconic leather manufacturing and design brand established in 1911. Truly British made for the modern British market. In 1800 Britain made around half of the world’s watches – around 200,000 pieces a year. There was a brief resurgence in post-war Britain, however the remaining businesses were not robust enough to survive the biggest crisis in watchmaking, the emergence of the quartz watch. Minster has opened again in Halifax and regenerated the lost art of ‘British watchmaking’. At St Johns Church it has built a state of art watch making facility within the heart of this 1886 Romanesque church, which harks to its fundamental beliefs of tradition and history mating with modern needs and requirements to ‘birth’ the new age of true British watches. Minster is now bringing British watches to the world.


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