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Manja Jewellery

MANJA Jewellery offers a collection of natural gemstones, silver jewellery, rose gold plated, sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery.

MANJA jewellery is a union of exoticism and sophistication, bringing the energy and fire of Madagascar to the cosmopolitan, urbane woman. Semi‐precious gemstones in tropical, fiery colours are brought together in refined, elegant sterling silver settings. Using only the highest quality materials, MANJA creates wearable and enduring pieces that can be cherished forever.


MANJA is a London-based jewellery brand that carries the colour and fire of Madagascar in its heart. Launched in 2014 by three brothers, MANJA is inspired by an extraordinary Madagascan family heritage in jewellery design that goes back five generations. The colourful exoticism they grew up surrounded by is now captured in the East London design studio where MANJA jewellery is born.


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