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LadyHeart Collection

Established in 1989, Australia Diamonds is known throughout the diamond industry as one of the most prestigious and dynamic companies to have emerged in recent years. The innovative and creative energy that defines Australia Diamonds led to the creation of the Lady Cut – a 57-facet, modified step-cut half-moon diamond. From there, the Lady Heart was born: an original and classic setting renowned among the most exclusive stores around the globe and receiver of four international patents for cut and design.


The Lady Heart is created when two Lady Cut diamonds embrace a princess cut, forming a dazzling heart. This unique setting not only emits more brilliance than a single diamond but also appears larger than a traditional heart-shaped diamond of equal carat weight and costs a fraction of the price of one of equal size. Moreover, this technical setting of three diamonds allows for identical and limitless replications of the piece at an extremely attractive price, resulting in a passionate collection of magnificent jewellery. The Flame Cut is Australia Diamonds’ unique creation. So much so that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has, for the first time in history, allocated a new shape in its grading reports to describe the cut with its branded name: Flame Step Cut. This radiant flame encapsulates the essence of elegance and offers exciting new possibilities in original jewellery designs. Today, the Lady Heart collection offers daring designs that retain the refinement of classic diamond jewellery while still adding a striking touch with its new and breathtaking heart-shaped diamond creation.


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