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Henryka is proud to be different. Its distinctive and immediately-recognisable jewellery captures the essence of the natural world with sterling silver and unusual, lesser-known gemstones. Over the past 10 years, Henryka has grown from a humble boutique in Hereford to a fast-growing British high street jewellery brand with a presence across the UK and Ireland. Its success is testament to the creativity, affordability and storytelling behind its varied collections.


Every piece of Henryka jewellery is crafted in sterling silver and combined with natural gemstones, including turquoise, amethyst, pearl, agate and the brand’s signature amber. Thanks to long-standing and trusting relationships with its workshops, Henryka customers can be assured of responsibly-sourced gemstones that support its authentic passion for nature. Henryka channels its designs through four core collections: All Creatures Great & Small, The Birds & The Bees, Shapes & Stones, and Botanical. Together, they explore British wildlife, exotic animals, tropical blooms and organic forms.


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