Our Suppliers


Goldmajor specialises in a uniquely crafted contemporary Baltic amber range set in silver. Amethyst and rose quartz have recently been introduced to the collection alongside a stunning Polish Designer Gallery showcasing bold originality in varying metals. Supplying authentic, opulent, individual pendants and collars from pieces of gleaming cognac amber combined with polished silver and continually showing innovation with this mythical stone has ensured Goldmajor’s status within the industry.


Goldmajor ranges offer a varying selection of earrings from discreet studs to evening glamour alongside the bohemian chic and casual. Matching pendants can be worn with an accompanying silver chain or customised by the wearer. Collars, bangles, bracelets, rings and a wonderful array of brooches from intricate nature inspired designs to classic glamorous Art Deco. Vintage marcasite and classic polished jet encased in silver is also within the Goldmajor evolving portfolio. Goldmajor’s awareness of changing trends and affordable pricing enables the brand to remain strong for the future.


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