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Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Gold provides a solution for businesses who are committed to sourcing gold responsibly. Fairtrade works exclusively with Artisanal and Small-scale Mine sites (ASM) to help them align with the Fairtrade Standard for Precious Metals, a recognised articulation of best practices for the responsible and environmentally safe mining of within ASM sites. Mines which align with this standard are certified, enabling them to sell on ‘Fairtrade terms’ which generate a fair price for their gold and an additional premium payment for reinvested into business and community projects.


By sourcing Fairtrade Gold, businesses can directly contribute to life-changing outcomes for miners and their communities while receiving assurance that the gold material which feeds into their jewellery comes from mine sites which have attained the highest levels of environmental and social performance. Fairtrade offers two main sourcing options; a licensee scheme, which provides jewellers with full physical traceability of gold up to finished products. Alternatively, jewellers can participate in Fairtrade’s Goldsmiths Scheme, which provides full traceability of gold to the point of semi-finished materials and enables a sourcing claim to be generated by jewellers, in place of an on-product claim.


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