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“Do you want to sell diamonds online?” Perhaps that should have read “Do you want to sell diamonds?” Diamnet will show you how to implement the tools of your internet competition and combine them with your strengths as a trusted bricks and mortar retailer.  We make it easy and inexpensive to open your own online diamond boutique meaning our service should be viewed as an absolute no brainer!


Just as we do for your online boutique, we have our own website. Diamnet brings together the best diamond dealers from the UK and mixes them with some of the best from Israel, India and Antwerp all on one wholesale website. It is a free resource, giving you access to more choice and better prices than you have already and combines that with the best approval service over 27 years in the industry can give.  One account, one point of contact, over 200,000 diamonds. Soon to include mounts.


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