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Atelier Swarovski

Atelier Swarovski’s fine jewelry collections are made with Swarovski Created Diamonds, created gemstones, responsibly sourced genuine gemstones and recycled gold. Swarovski Created Diamonds represent a vital step in the company’s mission towards Conscious Luxury – a dedication to using responsibly sourced materials to craft beautiful products with care. The brand also pays homage to its founder Daniel Swarovski’s original vision, in 1895, to make the luxury, joy and pleasure of diamonds available to all women around the world.


Atelier Swarovski is Swarovski’s luxury goods business, founded by Executive Board Member Nadja Swarovski in 2007 as a showcase for creativity, craftsmanship, master cutting and material innovations.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Atelier Swarovski collaborates with the world’s finest creative talents to create jewelry, accessories and lifestyle collections.


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