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CMJ and YOUR Membership

The CMJ is founded upon three core values. Our commitment to these is what enables us to continually grow and deliver incredible benefits to our members.

  • Lead

    We lead the industry in the provision of services to our members across all facets of their business.

  • Engage

    We engage with suppliers, the wider industry and the press for the benefit of our members.

  • Enhance

    We protect and enhance the business of our members by providing an exceptional standard of service.

Key benefits of being a member

  • Competitive Discounts

  • Profit Distribution

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Business Services

  • Marketing Expertise

  • Specialist Training

  • Credibility

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Joining the CMJ will grant you access to all the support and networking opportunities you could need to protect, develop and grow your business, securing the best value from suppliers without having to compromise on quality.

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“Being a CMJ member means having access to excellent supplier choice, brilliant networking events, and hands-on support whenever we need it.”

Charlotte Hewitt Bailey & Sons, CMJ Retail Member since 1995

“Since joining the CMJ, the support offered to us by their team and approved suppliers, as well as our fellow retail members, has been invaluable. The networking events have been one of the most important aspects – being able to learn from the experience and insights of our peers has been an enormous help.”

Amy Mellor David Mellor Jewellers, CMJ Retail Member since 2015

“As an independent jeweller, I could spend hours praising the support and financial benefits delivered by the CMJ. Suffice to say, they have played an important role in the development of my business. From access to new suppliers to networking with my peers, they have offered great advice and both supported and encouraged my continued independence.”

Dee Brightwell Hadleighs Jewellers, CMJ Retail Member since 2014

“I can say in all honesty that the CMJ has been instrumental in our smooth transition from a first generation to a second generation independent jewellers. The networking and support of my peers and the professionalism of the CMJ has given us the confidence to view the future with optimism. I strongly recommend joining the CMJ.”

Jonathan Hughes-Lewis Jonathan David Jewellers – CMJ Retail Member since 2000

“The retail jewellery industry is changing so quickly, it’s vital to get a wider perspective through the CMJ retailer network.”

Paul Harris-Magri Flitwick & Hills - CMJ Retail Member since 2009

“I have been stopped in my local high street and congratulated on my ability to offer such high-quality retail brochures and catalogues to customers as an independent local retailer. The marketing support we receive from the CMJ really is excellent, and that is just one of the many, many benefits that the group offers.”

Phil Ainsworth Ainsworth Jewellers – CMJ Retail Member since 1983

“I am proud to say I am a member of the CMJ. At Niche we strive to inspire our loyal customers and value the opportunities within the CMJ to meet new and innovative suppliers.”

Rob Sherwin Niche Jewellers, CMJ Retail Member since 2013

“I am delighted to join the CMJ as I feel this will help me gain valuable experience and develop long-term relationships in the jewellery industry with key suppliers.”

Rodney Simmons Faith Jewellers – CMJ Retail Member since 2013

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