Our Values

The fundamental purpose of the CMJ is to facilitate trade between suppliers and retailers and to support independent retailers to optimise their consumer market.

We believe that the High Street – and independent retailing as a part of it – is important to maintaining the stability of the socio-economic equilibrium. Maintaining this equilibrium requires proactive support. In 1980, the formation of the CMJ took with it the responsibility for supporting independent retailing. Today that still stands.

We believe that as a group, the more we come together, the stronger we are. We believe that we can provide the business model that enables an independent business to perform, operate and succeed significantly better within our group than it could have outside, today and into the future. We are individually strong, together we thrive.


Our Values as an Employer

How we work together and support each other within the business is vital. We have core values that all team members are mindful of in their work.

→ We look out for each others’ welfare.

→ We deliver the best in all we do. We hold ourselves accountable for results.

→ We have the courage to shape a better future for the CMJ.

→ Unity and togetherness are important to us. It is the team that will make the biggest difference.

→ We will support, trust, challenge and inspire each other in our quest to succeed.

→ Embrace the experience. Have fun along the way.

Now that you know who we are, what we doour history and our values, meet our Board of Directors and our Head Office team, who enforce these values every day.


CMJ Jewellers