About CMJ

the largest buying group for independent retailers
of watches and jewellery in the UK and Ireland.

Our membership network comprises a diverse mix of jewellers – from established family-owned businesses to dynamic contemporary retail stores – we have been growing for more than 35 years, and continue to grow.

We strive to understand the individual aspects of each of our members, and remain dedicated to championing their best interests at all times. We keep our members at the heart of everything we do, investing every pound we receive back into them.

Our History


A small group of jewellery retailers decided to combine their efforts (and finances) amid a struggle to achieve real traction and growth in the jewellery and watch market, collectively investing in a small print run of public mail order ads displayed in the backs of magazines.


This same group called a meeting of local retailers and suppliers with a view of forming a buying group in order to receive orders at preferential, ‘bulk buy’ prices. On 31st December 1980, this group became known as the Company of Master Jewellers.


Keen to expand further, the now 40-strong group of members created and distributed a promotional flyer, explaining the various benefits of becoming a member of this buying group.


The first incarnation of a Company of Master Jewellers publication was released in the Spring of 1997. It was an A3 sheet of paper folded in half entitled Up-Date


The then Chairman of the CMJ board applied for a Coat of Arms to be granted to the organisation. Featuring a brilliant cut diamond on the shield, and a Griffon holding a gold cup, the Coat of Arms bears the motto ‘Semper splendidus’, meaning ‘always splendid’.


Up-Date evolved into something much more as the first issue of the CMJ’s now well-known Facets publication was released in the form of a standalone newsletter.


The very first issue of Facets magazine was published, from here on becoming established as a quarterly publication sent out free of charge to all members of the CMJ.


At the 2016 AGM, the CMJ reported another record-breaking year, with sales through the group rising to over £166.6m, and gross profit up by 6.6% to £2.44m.


Newly appointed Chairman Michael Aldridge unveils the CMJ’s new business strategy moving forward to refocus the business on the needs of its members, returning to its roots as a buying group. Several of CMJ’s biggest members, including Alan Higgs of TH Baker and Edward Ferris of SWAG Jewellers, declared Michael Aldridge’s speech was “outstanding”.

Meet the Board

The CMJ group is run by a democratically elected board of independent retailers. Get to know our directors and see how they work to empower our members.

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