Ignore online selling at your peril

A recent study predicts that almost a quarter of UK retail sales will take place over the internet within the next four years – meaning that by 2016, the internet will account for some £144.6bn total retail revenue.

While it is so often the case that jewellery is an emotional purchase – one that needs to be seen and worn before buying – I am still astounded by the number of retail jewellers who don’t have any sort of online presence.  You may think that selling online is “not for you” but is it right for your customer?  Successful online retailers would argue that their investment has been more than recouped by online sales.  So are you simply choosing to not be a part of this quarter of retail sales in 2016 by ignoring online altogether?

When I showed my boyfriend, a fellow online marketing person, an example of a jewellery retailer’s site, he exclaimed: “Wow, that’s quite an achievement – a website that looks like it pre-dates the invention of the internet.”  Not a good reflection of a business that should sell luxury and aspiration.  Instead, a website should be an extension of your shop window – whether you sell online or not.

As Willie Hamilton says time and time again, whether you like it or not, as a retailer you are a brand in your own right. So work out what your brand values are and make sure they are consistent through every aspect of your business.

If you want to discuss how to develop your website, remember that CMJ Media offers a host of marketing support. And if you just want a casual chat about improving site visits or social media, I’m on the other end of the phone.


About Frances Murch

Frances has worked in the jewellery and watch industry since 2004. In her role as Communications and Website Manager at the CMJ, she looks after developing the public and members website and letting them know the latest news and developments within the group. She feels strongly about helping independent retailers embrace online technology, including websites, communications and social media. It is the future!

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