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Welcome to the Company of Master Jewellers

Welcome to the Company of Master Jewellers a network of leading independent retail jewellers across the UK and Ireland. Our 160 members include quality, established family jewellers, and some of the most forward-thinking contemporary jewellers in the UK and Ireland, who collectively own more than 400 stores. When you buy from a Master Jeweller, you can be sure that you are buying from an expert.

Some of our members' stores specialise in diamond jewellery, others in watch brands, some focus on fashion brands and many others have on-site workshops, but what they all have in common is excellent product knowledge, top customer service and a first-class selection of jewellery and watches – everything you would expect from a local independent retail jeweller.

When a jeweller's membership application to the CMJ is accepted, they have access to market-leading international jewellery and watch brands, meaning that the quality and breadth of their product offering is second to none.

When you visit a CMJ jeweller, you can be sure that you are buying from an expert in their field. A member of the CMJ is a retailer that you can trust.

We believe it is our duty to ensure that the independent retail jeweller does not disappear from the high street. We believe that independence is vital, but collective strength can ensure a store's survival. It is also our belief that as a group we can make an impact on each independent business and drive the success of our buying collective to make a real difference to the retail jewellery industry.

If supporting local business is important to you and you appreciate the quality of service you receive at an independent jewellery store, then a CMJ jeweller's highly trained in-store specialists will help find the right item for you.

You can search for your nearest CMJ jeweller here


The then Chairman of the board applied for a Grant of Arms for the Company of Master Jewellers. The Coat features a brilliant cut diamond on the shield, and a Griffin holding a gold cup to show the connection with goldsmiths and silversmiths. Meanwhile the Motto ‘Semper splendidus’ says that the Company of Master Jewellers is ‘always splendid’.

The Coat of Arms now stands proud on the doors and windows of all of our retail members, marking them as a reputable, quality retail jeweller.


The first incarnation of a Company of Master Jewellers publication was released in the Spring of 1997, it was an A3 sheet of paper folded in half, entitled Up-Date. It took more than a decade for the mouthpiece of the company to morph into Facets, the glossy magazine we see today, which now has a readership of more than 2,000 people, a few more than the 60 members who initially received Up-Date.


The group now had 40 members, but the core executive team were keen to expand. To try and win the attentions of new jewellers a flyer was created noting the key benefits of joining, benefits which are still promoted today:

Share of proceeds
Freedom of choice
Trading terms
Display consultancy
Marketing and advertising
Inter-business discussion


The founding fathers called a meeting of retailers and suppliers, to put into action the theory that, by buying as a group the suppliers would give preferential terms because orders would fundamentally be in bulk. The suppliers agreed, and initially the ‘off-the-peg’ name Chancegold, headed the company.

On 31st December 1980 the group of retailers officially became the Company of Master Jewellers


A company called Scotcade ran a series of adverts for mail order shopping in the back pages of magazines, often selling a piece of jewellery. These did not go unnoticed by the jewellery industry, and a small group of retailers decided to club together to buy a large holding of stock and run their own series of ads selling direct to the public through the same magazines. Whilst they had no phone orders, they did receive a steady flow of customers asking for the bangle watch – this unexpected reaction was a eureka moment, the collective marketing effort had got them noticed, but consumers still wanted to buy locally.

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