Fine writing brand A.T. Cross has reinvigorated itself with a new visual identity and a modernised brand logo, alongside new contemporary writing instruments and an advertising campaign aimed at re-positioning the brand amongst other luxury American brand names. The rebrand reflects both the rich history of the company, as well as its vision for the future.

“We are introducing a modernised version of the A.T. Cross brand, staying true to its brand roots, historic legacy and the identifiable iconography of its origins. The new gold and black colors pay tribute to the brand’s historic past, while the modernised brand symbol, the determined A.T. Cross lion, reflect both the original brand symbol and the spirit and attitude of our core consumer. Pairing this essence with innovative new products like the Townsend Electronic Stylus and a global advertising campaign that celebrates our consumer, we find a complete effort to reintroduce A.T. Cross as the apex of usable American luxury,said Magnus Jonsson, Global CMO, A.T. Cross.

Through extensive research A.T. Cross has defined it’s core consumer as an “expressive” individual, who looks at a writing instrument not only as a functional tool to express their thoughts and emotions but also as an accessory that expresses their individuality and style. The brand has targeted four profiles of this core consumer within the upcoming brand campaign.

Jonsson says, “The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. By incorporating the voice of artists, innovators and entrepreneurs into our key messages, A.T. Cross looks to position its iconic, fine writing instruments as not only usable luxury, but as a direct inspiration for thought leaders and their pursuit of greatness.”

A.T. Cross fine writing instruments is one of America’s most well-known and historic luxury brands. Dating back to the California Gold Rush of 1849, the first writing instruments were created when gold was plentiful and the ability to create this class of consumer goods became a reality. Since its launch, the A.T. Cross brand has been synonymous with achievement and the pursuit of human potential.

The modernised A T Cross brand logo
The modernised A T Cross brand logo

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