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Regional Sales Personnel
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Regional Sales Personnel


Eco-friendly Gold with a uniquely Irish providence


House of Lor is a division of T.J.H Ltd, one of Ireland’s longest established jewellery manufacturers since the 1950’s. We are a founding member of the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ). House of Lor jewellery is produced under exclusive license agreement with the Galantas Gold Corp, who currently operate the only commercial gold mine in Ireland.

House of Lor jewellery is unique, it is the only commercial jewellery line made using 100% Irish gold, which is the brands prominent and unique selling point. Our Irish gold is extracted and processed without the use of harmful chemicals in an eco-friendly manner, it is not mixed or diluted with gold from any other source guaranteeing its uniquely Irish Providence. Only 2-5% of the Gold bearing ore is suitable for processing in this environmentally-friendly manner at the Cavanacaw source making our gold on extremely rare and precious commodity.

We are now seeking expressions of interest from potential business partners and seasoned Sales Personnel to join us in fully developing our brands latent potential within the United Kingdom.
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