Glossary of Jewellery Repair Terminology

glossary of jewellery repair terminology

You can breathe new life into your old or damaged jewellery by using your local jeweller’s repair service.

glossary of jewellery repair terminology

You can breathe new life into your old or damaged jewellery by using your local jeweller’s repair service.
Many master jewellers have an on-site jewellery repair workshop where teams of goldsmiths and silversmiths deal with all jewellery repairs, from soldering breaks in chains, supplying and setting stones, to sizing rings, pearl and bead re-stringing and complex remaking of worn out favourite pieces.
Here is a guide to some of the most common terminology when it comes to getting your jewellery repaired.

Gemstone remounting / remodelling

Jewellery has seasons and eras, just like the fashion industry. There are designs that are considered “classic” and then there are those that, 20 years later, look dated. Remounting stones is a wonderful way to give your gemstones a new, fashionable life. Remounting family stones into new pieces allows you to wear sentimental gemstones in a contemporary style that is more flattering for you.
For example, you can turn the stone from an old ring or pendant into a brand new piece of jewellery, or remount a yellow gold wedding set into white gold or platinum. Most jewellers will be happy to discuss design ideas with you.

Gemstone resetting

You should regularly check jewellery for any wear or damage. The claws of stone-set rings in particular should be inspected for wear to avoid any stones coming loose and being lost.
Ask your jeweller to check the settings of your jewellery when you take it in to be cleaned. If a stone starts to become loose, take it to your jeweller, where they will be able to advise on repairing the mount and re-setting the stone.

Pearl restringing

Pearls are an organic gem, and because of this they should be treated with extra care. Restring every one to two years to ensure the thread does not deteriorate.

Re-rhodium plating

White gold items are usually enhanced with rhodium plating, creating a highly reflective white surface. Over time, this surface may become dull, which is perfectly normal. White gold jewellery should be re-rhodium plated to retain its colour.

Ring re-sizing

You may have bought a ring in the wrong size, received a gift that doesn’t fit, or have a favourite ring that you can no longer wear. Jewellers can advise on re-sizing your ring to be bigger or smaller – sometimes the amount this can be done by is restricted by the style, for example if the ring is stone-set.


Soldering is joining together two pieces of metal by using a solder (filler metal) that has a lower melting point than the two metals being joined.

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glossary of jewellery repair terminology
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