QUALITY - LUXURY - RARITY - These are core principles of a family company celebrating over 50 years of excellence! Specialising in the finest quality gem-set jewellery, Tivon originates from the United Kingdom and South Africa.
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Tivon is known for its passion for colour combined with old European tastes and design. It only selects the finest coloured gemstones for its creations with each gem being carefully selected and precision cut and faceted for maximum beauty and brilliance. With both classical as well as Avant Garde designs, Tivon focuses on the exclusive with many creations being one-of-a-kind or in limited editions. This is also often down to the rarity of the stones they use. “Our pieces are a labour of love. Our passion for coloured gemstones and love of design means that we care a great deal about the outcome of our creations. Our creations exude what the customer already feels – immense pleasure and appreciation of beauty. ” Ariel Tivon
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