Sif Jakobs Jewellery has during the last couple of years made fast inroads into UK & Ireland and the brand is growing rapidly all over.
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Sif Jakobs is the woman behind the jewellery and the company Sif Jakobs Jewellery. Born in Iceland, educated as a goldsmith in Sweden and travelled all over the world, Copenhagen has been her base since 2000 and for years Italy was a second home. Her love for Italian elegance is a constant source of inspiration and the reason why her collections are all named after Italian cities. Sif Jakobs has always been artistic and all her life she has had a passion for creating. Her lifestyle, bubbling personality and instinctive sense for quality and design contribute to her glamorous designs, which add a touch of luxury to everyday life.”Travelling is my inspiration – I love to see what is happening around the world and to be inspired by current fashion trends. I wish to create jewellery that gives a feeling of luxury. Simple and beautiful style – everyday.My dream is to bring my jewellery to the world and make it affordable to everybody" Sif Jakobs.
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