Gc is the story of entrepreneurial men and women driven by the joy of self-expression. It is about people who feel good about themselves when they look at their own accomplishments. Confident and ambitious, dynamic and passionate about what they do.
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Paul Marciano is the founder of the GUESS fashion and lifestyle empire, an entrepreneur who aspired to greatness and made his dreams come true but is never satisfied and always looking for the next challenge. Paul Marciano founded the Gc brand in 1997 to reflect his own personal attitude and lifestyle. Gc offers quality timepieces for men and women that combine prestigious Swiss watchmaking knowhow with fashionable design and premium materials – a smart blend of glamour and technicity that provides the brand with a unique positioning in the Swiss Made watch industry. A Swiss precision movement beats at the heart of each Gc timepiece. All Gc timepieces are manufactured with the finest materials and luxurious details – from certified diamonds, sapphire crystals, mother-of-pearl dials, high-tech ceramic, 316L stainless steel and exquisite leather straps. Security features include deployment clasps and a screw-in crown and screw-down case back, for optimal water resistance. The Gc logo figures on the crown, clasp and case back, which also bears the engraved style number of the watch. Smart Luxury is the essence of the Gc brand – a feel good sensation, a feeling we all have in our lives when we know and feel that we have made the right choice – as illustrated by over 100 chosen rising star personalities around the world who have followed their passions in their dream professions. Moments of Smart Luxury reflect individual expressions of joy, emotion and personal achievement. In the same way that your timepiece expresses who you are, so too does a culinary dish with its choice of ingredients and combinations of colours and flavours just like a timepiece in its attention to details. Create your own Moment of Smart Luxury with a recipe specially invented by one of Gc’s rising star chefs.
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