Garmin redefined navigation for the world when it created more accurate, more intuitive GPS guidance. We were pioneers on the use of GPS and wireless sensors in performance sports – and our watches were some of the first to embrace smart technologies and connectivity. When it really matters, you can be sure our technology, engineering and commitments to excellence are always with you, right on your wrist.
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The most powerful technology is the kind that adds insight. Since the beginning, at the same time we were building GPS navigation and recreation devices, we were carefully fostering a reputation for innovation and reliability. And never one without the other. Professionals, athletes and adventurers rely on our technology in the most demanding environments, to quickly give them the information they need. Today is not different. We have become world leaders in GPS technology by continuously adding insight and reliability to every product, while at the same time ensuring they are even easier to use. What is new, are the bold steps in materials and construction we’ve employed to ensure our wrist-worn devices don’t just answer athletic wants, but aesthetic ones as well.
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