The C6 design concept is based on the philosophy of C6 (carbon) as a symbol of life. Black as coal and clear as light itself. This duplicity and the elements’ duality embody the magic of the elemental cornerstone, C6 of the living world. The design also plays with time, space and being. An evolution from supernova explosions to modern technology. An existential state of mind by the simplicity of C6 and yet complex.
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It all started with a passion for the ocean. Seeking simplicity in life Danish Anne Cohen went out sailing and crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice – the Southern route in 1993, and later the Northern route in 1997 on a 60-feet Vendé Globe racing boat. The actual construction of the 60-feet Vendé Globe racing boat was where Anne Cohen became familiar with carbon fiber. During the work with the creation of the racing boat she learned about composite materials both in mind and doing. With a passion for design and material Anne Cohen fell in love with the carbon element being the most simple and yet complex atom, and with its large spectrum of materializations making carbon appear in multiple forms. The dream of making a carbon ring based on pure carbon atoms was born. With graphite fiber and diamonds she could tell her story of life. Every piece is carefully crafted by hand and is a long process from raw fiber to the final ring. All settings are placed directly in to the carbon fiber without any additional materials, which gives a unique ring that consists only of pure carbon atoms. To bring out the design concept the handcraft is the key role to fulfill the materialization of the C6 uniqueness. At the Copenhagen Jewellery Fair 2010 Anne Cohen was awarded with the 1st prize for innovative design and use of materials.
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