Connoisseurs is the global market leader in jewellery care, with its brand established in over 60 nations throughout the world, from North America to Europe to Asia. Connoisseurs is now available in the United Kingdom for instant delivery and extensive support. The goal is to educate and empower consumers how to clean and care for jewellery professionally.
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Connoisseurs is known for its product innovation, and has transformed the jewellery care industry with such new products as the Jewellery Beauty Wipes. This is the quick beauty treatment for jewellery, which will remove and help prevent tarnish. Jewellery beauty wipes contain an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its lustre. Each compact contains 25 dry disposable wipes, which safely cleans both gold and silver, platinum. diamonds and precious stones. Its latest product, Touché éclat for Diamonds, the Diamond Dazzle Stik, is the most successful product launched in the company’s history: a Sleek, cosmetic-like pen that makes it easy to clean diamonds and precious gemstone jewellery on the move, compact and portable. Twist, brush and dazzle! Bring out the bling. Connoisseurs is committed to improvements in its products. For instance, the effectiveness of its mainstay jewellery cleaners has recently been increased through the addition of polymers which increase the brilliance of jewellery, while reducing the appearance of tiny scratches from wear. Almost all Connoisseurs products are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. With the help of custom-designed machinery—and Connoisseurs’ own commitment to excellence—the company meets the most exacting standards of quality. For generations, professional jewellers have been using Connoisseurs products to clean jewellery and watches. They know its cleaners are formulated to safely and effectively clean every type of jewellery. Many Connoisseurs products bear the “Good Housekeeping Seal” – your assurance they are safe and will perform as stated.
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